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John Dalton is taken into account by way of many to be the daddy of contemporary Atomic conception. This identify is helping readers find out how Dalton constructed his influential conception that explains the form, constitution, and behavior of atoms. It additionally explores how Dalton's significant step forward made later discoveries, comparable to atomic fission, attainable.

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In a solid, atoms are held together tightly. The structure of the atoms in a solid can be organized into a threedimensional pattern called a lattice, like in diamond, or disorganized but still held together, like in glass. The molecules of liquids are held together, but not as tightly as in a solid. This weak connection allows a liquid to flow, but does not let a liquid expand into the space it is in, or allow it to be easily compressed. In a gas, molecules have weak forces between them and are able to move apart freely.

People Are Made from Star Dust! Nuclear fusion is the process that powers all of the stars! Stars use gravity to squeeze nuclei together, instead of magnets or lasers like fusion experiments on Earth. The closest star to Earth, the Sun, is a huge swirling ball of hot hydrogen plasma. 4 million kilometers) in diameter, or 109 times the diameter of Earth. The temperature on the surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,500°C), and at the core—the very center—scientists guess the temperature is over 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius).

Water is described as the first element in ancient natural law of India. C. Ancient texts expand elements to five (air, sky, fire, earth, and water). C. Greek philosophers start atomism, suggest everything is made of atoms. Alchemists attempt to change metals into gold. ). 1704 The universe is thought to be made of solid masses in motion. 1803 Atomic theory is proposed with spherical solid atoms. 1838 The electron is predicted to exist to explain chemical properties of atoms. 1869 Known elements are organized into the periodic table based on mass and properties.

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