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By Marcel Swiboda

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Breaks-flows have given way to propria in an `enclosure act' of subjective privation43, and the likelihood of an ethical relation to the world becomes severely reduced. Again, despite scant reference to his work in this text, Spinoza's influence is very much in evidence in the way in which the synthesesbecome performed in the very act of their articulation, substituting for his `parallelism' between `extension' and `thought' turning on the modifications of a single, univocal `substance', a `machinism' of relational interactions between breaks and flows, the partial-objects and connections, disjunctions and conjunctions, their intensifications and de-intensifications on the Body without Organs.

But there are also essentially inexact yet completely rigorous notions that scientists can't do without, which belong equally to scientists, philosopher and artists'. Rather than attempt to think the logic of immanence in terms of the dichotomy exactitude-inexactitude, one might deploy the notion of 'anexactitude' as a term potentially capable of expressing the logical operations informing immanent 34 the territory and milieus that - under certain circumstances constitute the discipline `mathematics' as distinct from philosophy.

The event he recreated has bled into his everyday life, colouring it for ever. Reagan laments that he has become a `semiautomaton' and will remain one as long as he is just an actor. The autonomic repetition into which he collapses during the preparatory phase leading up to the even has carried over into his everyday life. He can't go on that way. He resolves to find 55 him. He look for it in the rest of will conservative politics. Okay, so here we have a deployment of the Deleuzian concept of the `event', elaborated most extensively in the Logic of Sense,to account for the way in which Reagan's rigging precipitates a real event that makes of `his' life, `a' life, whereby the horror of his `experience' is something that he feels he must in some way account for and overcome.

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