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SS-TSZ" t lTeiZT' in 1549 and ''^^tial-td " Jarfon fibutaries, or about 990 inhabitants, enoomiendas Tixtual «Tn . 5 Anton enda o; who! the b' he Sal549. s Tixtual town, a exte pear s he and Man" Napac ^bl T"' they^rpSSed'fs pr^cTaf • and at his de^h'S— tZtt died, and they appointed Juan Pol [Ppol] as cacique''lt hf'dft^tt son. Gaspar Pol. who now governs them " meb°^ Tahdzm. :ZTZlZ;TaZe latt men of the town died before thev camP With pagan names tad bferobuLed atZZ ,tuta. where they were sacrificed In 1572 oLnr^'p KukU the h; of thi Calotn?

13). Much of our knowledge of toe distribution of Maya patronymics dates only from 1688, but for Pencuyut we have a tax register of 1584 (Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico, Tierras 2809, no. 20). In this list the town is divided into three barrios, Mpcoche, Ppencuyut, and Chacxulu, and the list is headed by a becai aries ^sts )tribu- [treaty figacique, was 'he ^me, >f Don iPT of no- aries are defined in the Mani land treaty of 1557 (Roys, 1943, pp. 192-93, map 4). Only after six years of inquiry was it learned by canvassing the ruins of the re gion that the site generally named Sisbic had always been called Hunacti by the farmers on the spot (Roys, 1939a, p.

And before he came they were subject to the Cocom, who was the natu ral lord of a large part of these provinces imtil the said Tutul-Xiu came"(RY, 1:161). "They say that the first of these [the Tutul-Xiu] was named Him-UitzilChac, lord of Uxmal, a most ancient city and very noted for its buildings. [He was] a native of Mexico. From there [Uxmal] he made entry into all the other provinces; and for greatness and special qualities, they say of him that he was very wise in matters of nature. And little by little the said Tutul-Xius came to govern the land, much to the liking of the natives"(RY, 1:287).

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