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By Konrad Lorenz

ISBN-10: 3211999361

ISBN-13: 9783211999363

Pp. xvii, 380, 33 text-figs. fabric, DJ, octavo.

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Extralimital. Extends to Burma, Yunnan and southern Sichuan. The species ranges east to Vietnam and through southern China to Fujian. GENERAL HABITS. AS in 1688. ): 'Two birds careered up and down the stream for several minutes, flying so close to each other as almost to touch. They then landed on a large stone over which they ran with the tail held perpendicular, and half-turning their backs on one another. After a few seconds of this display the chase began once more and continued in ever-increasing tempo until the whole performance ended abruptly and both birds went off in different directions'.

Usually seen singly, but invariably with its mate someGENERAL HABITS. where near at hand, perched on a bush-top, weed stalk or telegraph wire, tail twitched open now and then; darts to the ground from time to time to pick up a creeping morsel or sometimes makes aerial sallies after flying insects. Very territorial, actively resisting intrusion into its feeding as well as breeding area by its own species or other chats. Display. Flies up in the air with tail spread widely, wings flapping slowly and deliberately ('delayed action') and held high above the head, or sails slowly downwards in an arc to another perch with outspread wings, the white wing-patches and rump feathers conspicuously fluffed out, singing the while.

Very similar to 6 Indian Bush Chat (1697) and easily mistaken for it; but larger size and greater amount of white in the wing distinctive. Above, head black with narrow fulvous fringes. Lores and ear-coverts black. Back black with broad fulvous edges. A large white wing-patch. Upper tail-coverts white. Tail blackish with narrow rufous edges. Below, throat white. Rest of underparts ferruginous, paler on belly; often a few black spots on upper breast. LOCAL Saxicola insignis O \Irintcr range I Summer ] records 26 TURDINAE In summer the pale fringes are worn off the upperparts which become wholly black.

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