Natalie M. Rosinsky's Thanksgiving (Let's See Library) PDF

By Natalie M. Rosinsky

ISBN-10: 0756503914

ISBN-13: 9780756503918

Discusses the heritage and the customs of the Thanksgiving vacation.

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Use the Internet to investigate how and why. 8 The Transfer of Motion Materials: string meterstick or yardstick steel washers tape chair, table, or door frame pencil or thin stick Pendulums are all around us. Watch a hook swinging from a crane. You can determine its length quite accurately by timing its swing. Watch a hanging plant or wind chimes in a breeze. Or watch the slow swing of a giraffe’s or an elephant’s long legs as it walks. Compare their period (the time it takes the pendulum to make one complete swing, over and back) with the rapid natural motion of a small dog’s legs.

Push the chosen packet through the mouth of a plastic soda bottle filled with water. Be careful not to break the packet open. Return the screw-on cap to the bottle and your submarine is ready. What happens when you squeeze the bottle? What happens when you stop squeezing? Can you explain how this submarine works? Science Fair Project Idea Build a model submarine that will actually travel horizontally under its own power underwater. What can you do to control its vertical as well as its horizontal motion?

You can learn much about levers and balances with a simple plastic soda straw and some paper clips. Begin by placing a pin, like the one shown in Figure 7a, across the space between two small identical tin cans or drinking mugs. Can you balance a soda straw by placing it on the pin? You probably found it impossible to balance the soda straw by placing it on the pin. Perhaps you can balance it if you push the pin through the straw. Try each of the three pin positions shown in Figure 7b. In which position was it easiest to balance the straw?

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