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By Professor M.-Ather Ali, Dr. Michel Anctil (auth.)

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A substantial quantity of data at the retinal morphology in fishes has been amassing prior to now century. one of the vertebrates, fishes are a hugely winning crew, either in variety of species and within the adaptive radiation of varieties. for example, 415 teleost households are actually regarded (GREENWOOD, ROSEN, WEITZMANN and MYERS, 1966), and the 20,000 strange fish species pointed out in text-books were by means of a ways out numbered. The fish retina additionally exhibits significant diversifications, in conformity with the extraordinary morphological diversification reached by means of piscine varieties, in colonising all available aquatic habitats and constructing a large spectrum of lifestyles conduct. We intend to demonstrate this within the current Atlas, a suite of brief texts and photomicrographs of the retina from approximately 100 fish households. This Atlas is meant additionally to fulfil different reasons. one among them is to give in a phylogenetic order the fairly scattered facts on fish retinal constitution, with applicable illustrative fabric; one other is to help the visible physiologist or biochemist in his look for a retina with specific morpholog­ ical positive factors suitable along with his particular standards. In different phrases, what we goal at is a prepared pool of data for laymen, scholars, and experts of assorted pursuits. the fabric used for this Atlas comes from quite a few sources.

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Is apparently a pure-rod one. The estimate of rod density in the fundus-retina is 100,OOO/sq mm. 3. J Fishes) Acipenseridae (Sturgeons) Teleostomi, Actonopterygii, Chondrostei, Acipenseriformes Sturgeons are regarded as primitive fishes, which have not changed significantly in general appearance and morphological features for millions of years. They have an elongate and fusiform body with five longitudinal rows of bony scutes. Their skeleton is cartilaginous for the most part. Their snout is greatly extended and they possess prominent chin barbels.

Ryatis americana). There are three layers of visual cell nuclei, and layers of large horizontal cells that strikingly resemble those of the smooth dogfish and hammerhead shark. Bipolar cells are sparse. ' ROCHON-DuVIGNEAUD (1958); PROTASOV (1960); BERNSTEIN and DIETRICH (1960); GRUBER et al. (1963); HAMASAKI and GRUBER (1965) ; YAMADA and ISHIKAWA (1965) 38 Plate 17. Transverse section of the ventral retina of the winter skate, Ra;a oee/fata. x 785 39 M yliobatidae (Eagle Rqys) Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii, Batoidea, Myliobatoidea Eagle rays are characterised by the presence of a large, fleshy pad extending around the front end of the head.

The bipolar and amacrine cells are fairly numerous, but the ganglion cells are few. Pure-rod retinas were also reported in S. stellare, S. catulus, Galeus canis and Pristiurus sp. References: VERRIER (1930a); KOLMER (1936); ROCHON-DuVIGNEAUD (1943, 1958); PROTASOV (1960); NICOL (1961a) 27 Triakidae (Whitetip Smoothhounds) Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii, Selachii, Galeoidea Triakid sharks are closely related to the Carcharhinidae. They inhabit both shallow and relatively deep waters. They are most active during the day but generally sluggish in habit.

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