New PDF release: Reed and Bush Warblers

By Peter Kennerley

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This designated and finished identity advisor follows within the mold of Sylvia Warblers and Pipits and Wagtails. It basically covers the genera Acrocephalus, Locustella, Cettia and Bradypterus, including a couple of smaller comparable genera. To the uninitiated, those are the archetypal 'little brown jobs' and as though they were not not easy sufficient to spot besides, a lot of them are challenging to determine besides! This authoritative instruction manual covers their id in breathtaking element, illustrated with line drawings, sonograms, great color plates and pictures. it truly is destined to develop into the last word reference for those hard birds.

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Pallida and I. 6%). The Pacific Acrocephalus warblers as outlined elsewhere in the introduction are also a good example where mtDNA analyses have illuminated our understanding of species distributions. However, resolving their phylogenetic relationships will require more indepth analyses using multiple nuclear genes. Before the development of genetic methods, odd specimens in museum collections were a considerable headache to taxonomists of the time. In many cases it was impossible to assess whether these represented rare undescribed species, or non-typical specimens of known species or hybrids.

This two-stage migration from the Palaearctic thus takes three to four months to complete. It is clearly an adaptation to exploit rainfall patterns, birds benefiting from an abundant food supply in the northern tropics during September and October, two months before the rain belt reaches southern Africa. In southeast Kenya, the second stage of this migration has been studied since the 1970s at Tsavo, where thousands of birds attracted to the lights of the isolated Ngulia Safari Lodge have been trapped and ringed annually.

In songbirds that have left so little useful fossil evidence behind, it is often the only tool available for dating. The radiation of passerines pre-dates the K–T boundary (65 Myr ago) by some 5–10 Myr. Around 60 Myr ago the oscines (true song birds) diverged from the suboscines (Ericson et al. 2006). The large number of oscine song birds (around 5,000 species) and their rapid diversification has made it difficult to resolve the phylogenetic branching patterns, and hence we cannot date these events until we have a better knowledge of their phylogeny.

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