Martin Heidegger's Prolegomena zur Geschichte des Zeitbegriffs (Sommersemester PDF

By Martin Heidegger

ISBN-10: 3465026691

ISBN-13: 9783465026693

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Wer eine substitute zum Kapitalismus will, den hat etwas gestört. Ausgangspunkt der Frage nach der replacement zum Kapitalismus ist eine Kritik am Kapitalismus, das heißt eine richtige oder falsche Erklärung des Kapitalismus. In der Naturwissenschaft wie im praktischen Leben weiß jeder, dass die Erklärung des Gegenstandes die Grundlage für seine Beherrschung ist.

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The exactness and accur~cy of economic juggmeots are also increased by economic progress. Three degrees of exactness and accuracy can be distinguished, d~pending on whether neither ends nor means have an established market price, or means only have a price, or both ends and means are priced. Variations of exactness are also possible within each degree, so that the three degrees are actually ~arts of a continuum ranging from, nearly arbitrary judgments to Judgments of machinelike precision. The vaguest and most inaccurate judgments occur in dealings with semi-economic factors at the fringes of the economy, while the most exact and accurate judgments occur at the heart of the economy where markets and subsidiary techniques are well developed.

ASsertIOn ImplIes that nner I e ISSOCIal,SIllcea dev I f in social relations How f h e ops rom cathexes learned whether cultivati~n or ne~e~~e s ould culti~ate ~ private life, and ferent question. are even pOSSIble,IS an entirely difTo be sure cond t I h . that extent is' not so~~at ~:t ~~: ~:IO~IC~I, instinctual base and to would consist only of reflex and rand Ogica ~lement, take~ by itself, of feeling and general t om actIOns, unorganIzed bursts , emperamental tende . (. Dewey's sense). Sustained develo d .

Thus an oldest son can readily symbolize oneself as oldest son, and a younger son stand for one s younger brother. art of o~e s personality, usually a rejected part. This is race prejudice. rojected on to the. alien ra~e, accompanied by elaborate rationalizations. Shakespeare gives a stnking illustration of this process in the last scene. of Othell~, when Othello identifies himself-as-guilty with the despised Turkish race. In this example the attitude toward the alien race is redirected to its original object, and the circle is compl~ted.

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Prolegomena zur Geschichte des Zeitbegriffs (Sommersemester 1925) by Martin Heidegger

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