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Wer eine replacement zum Kapitalismus will, den hat etwas gestört. Ausgangspunkt der Frage nach der substitute zum Kapitalismus ist eine Kritik am Kapitalismus, das heißt eine richtige oder falsche Erklärung des Kapitalismus. In der Naturwissenschaft wie im praktischen Leben weiß jeder, dass die Erklärung des Gegenstandes die Grundlage für seine Beherrschung ist.

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There are inn umerahle versions of the English translation and the French original availahle, including at least one online. I therefore give references according to Dehord ' s numbering of his paragraphs. 34 S I M U LAT I O N A N D SOC I A L T H EORY reforms campaigned for by the Communist and Socialist parties of the 1 960s, Debord argues that the proletariat, the industrial working c lass, ' cannot recognise itself in the righting of a large n umber of wrongs . . but only i n the absol ute wrong of being relegated to the margin of l i fe' ( Debord 1 977: 91 1 1 4).

Debord sees this relation metamorphosing i nto a relation between images of things: no longer objects, but the images associated with them; not a car but an i mage, the false i mage, of freedom: not clothes but an i mage, the false image, of fashion. To argue his case, Debord draws explicitly on the work of the young Marx, then only recently avai lable to Western readers, and already hem med in with Com munist Party warni ngs that the dialectical Hegelianism of the Ecolloll1ic (llId Philosophicul MUlIlIscripts was ju veni le work, incompatible with the fu l l -blown materialism over which they clai med sole ownership.

Department store seasons and fashion turn time i nto a consumer good: not just something needed i n order to consume, but a commodity in its own right to be squandered in splendid, vacuous pursuits l i ke sunbathing. Perhaps he misses the sense in which time can also be hoarded - as family albums. but also as TV memories, when you T H E POETICS OF PESS I M I SM 41 remember the doings o f soap stars rather than the events of your own life. I nstead, Debord believes that individual life is deprived of ti me, excluded from the spectacular time of TV ' s simulations of experience, and left to wither.

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