Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New - download pdf or read online

By Emily Anthes

ISBN-10: 1780742169

ISBN-13: 9781780742168

Considered one of Nature’s summer time ebook selections. considered one of Publishers Weekly’s best Ten Spring 2013 Science Books.

For centuries, we’ve toyed with our creature partners, breeding canines that herd and hunt, housecats that appear like tigers, and teacup pigs that healthy snugly in our purses. yet what occurs after we take animal alteration a step additional, engineering a cat that glows eco-friendly lower than ultraviolet gentle or cloning the cherished kinfolk Labrador? technology has given us an entire new toolbox for tinkering with lifestyles. How are we utilizing it?

In Frankensteins Cat, the journalist Emily Anthes takes us from petri dish to puppy shop as she explores how biotechnology is shaping the way forward for our hairy and feathered acquaintances. As she ventures from bucolic barnyards to a “frozen zoo” the place scientists are storing DNA from the planet’s so much unique creatures, she discovers how we will use cloning to guard endangered species, craft prosthetics to save lots of injured animals, and hire genetic engineering to provide farms with disease-resistant farm animals. alongside the way in which, we meet many of the animals which are ushering during this fabulous age of enhancement, together with sensor-wearing seals, cyborg beetles, a bionic bulldog, and the world’s first cloned cat.

Through her encounters with scientists, conservationists, ethicists, and marketers, Anthes finds that whereas a few of our interventions might be trivial (behold: the GloFish), others might enhance the lives of many species—including our personal. So what does biotechnology really mean for the world’s wild issues? And what do our courageous new beasts let us know approximately ourselves?

With prepared perception and her trademark spunk, Anthes highlights either the peril and the promise of our medical superpowers, taking us on an experience right into a global the place our grandest technology fiction fantasies are quickly turning into fact.

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