New PDF release: Enterprising Nonprofits: A Toolkit for Social Entrepreneurs

By J. Gregory Dees;Jed Emerson;Peter Economy

ISBN-10: 0471151165

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ISBN-13: 9780471397359

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In addition to using their ability to tap into the goodwill of some of their stakeholders, they look for creative ways to generate revenue, like businesses. 01_Dees_JW_36921 2/7/01 1:08 PM Page 10 10 SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Where businesses are completely commercial, social enterprises are a hybrid of commercial and philanthropic methods. Are you still unsure what a social enterprise is? Here are some examples of successful social enterprises that have had a tremendous impact on their clients and on their communities: Rubicon—Rubicon Programs, Inc.

In no other area are innovative opportunities less risky and their pursuit less arduous. ”11 Throughout the environmental scan and the customer research process, open your eyes, ears, heart, and mind to the unexpected successes. Who are the customers you didn’t intend to serve? Where are your services making a difference you didn’t plan on? Are you paying attention and pursuing these unexpected successes? Have you considered how they can be built upon? How they can be extended? How they affect your sense of customers and mission?

23. 02_Dees_JW_36921 2/8/01 2:58 PM Page 19 Chapter 2 DEFINING YOUR MISSION Rob Johnston, Senior Vice President, Program, The Drucker Foundation IN THIS CHAPTER Mission as the entrepreneur’s most useful tool How to define your organization’s mission Planning and leading through mission Mission is the cornerstone of effective organizations in all sectors. Mission provides leaders, funders, customers—all of the people involved with the organization—with a clear understanding of its purpose, its reason for being.

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