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By Stavros N. Busenberg

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Differential Equations and purposes in Ecology, Epidemics, and inhabitants Problems.

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Typically, in the study of such systems, competitive exclusion acts against many if not most of the species initially present. But, depending on the starting point, different subsets of species go extinct. The patterns of coexistence defined by this work were deemed to be the basis of the phenomenological "community assembly rules" that Jared Diamond (1975) inferred from his exhaustive biogeographic analysis of South Pacific birds. The problem with this supposed connection is that small South Pacific islands do not initially possess the entire set of bird species found on their colonization source, which for these islands is New Guinea.

1 of [1]. , then invariant. (u,v) the and apply theorem the 46 J. P. E. Hodgson Remark. It should be remarked that this result works for more general terrains than the circle. 1 of [1] will d o . To illuminate this result we will see how it may be applied to a special case where the isoclines meet each plane Θ = constant in straight lines. We consider the system. 2 If- = H(l - H ~ e(Q)P) + d i-4 (6) 2 i£ = -P(l-e(0)kH <7) + P) + d -5-4 2 We suppose that e(Q) k is everywhere positive, > 1 for all is a C -function of 0 5 Θ < 2-n Θ and that e(-Q) is supposed positive and k so that the isoclines always meet in the positive quadrant.

Appl. Math. 35, 593-615. H. Fleming (1975), "A selection-migration model in population genetics", J. Math. Biol. 2, 219-233. H. Fleming (1979), "Equilibrium distributions of continuous polygenic traits", SIAM J. Appl. Math. 36, 148-168. H. Fleming and C-H. Su (1974), "Some one-dimensional migration models in population genetics theory", Theoretical Population Biology 5, No. 3, 431-449. E. Gurtin (1973), "A system of equations for agedependent population diffusion", J. Theor. Biol. 40, 389-392. E.

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