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By Donna Latham

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Turn off the TV when you’re done watching. These actions will also help reduce acid rain. • Recycle those plastic water bottles. Recycling one plastic bottle will save as much energy as it takes to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. Better yet, fill a reusable container with water from the tap. 26 acid rain: rain that Glossary contains pollution from burning fuels. adapt: changes a plant or animal makes to survive in new or different conditions. adaptation: the development of physical or behavioral changes to survive in an environment.

Living things are plants, animals, and insects. Nonliving things are soil, rocks, and water. environment: everything in nature, living and nonliving. extinction: the death of an entire species so that it no longer exists. fertile: good for growing plants. Glossary food chain: a community of animals and plants where each is eaten by another higher up in the chain. geology: the rocks, minerals, and physical structure of an area. habitat: a plant or animal’s home. herbivore: an animal that eats only plants.

Prey: to hunt. Also animals hunted by other animals. Southern Hemisphere: the half of the planet south of the equator. species: a type of animal or plant. subnivian zone: the small open space between the snow and the ground. subsoil: layer of soil below topsoil. temperate: climate or weather that is not extreme. topsoil: top layer of soil. understory: the second layer of the forest, made up of saplings. 28 Further Investigations Cherry, Lynn. How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming.

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