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By Nikolai Grube, Simon Martin

ISBN-10: 8484323528

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Thus, the three major campaigns against Israel were followed by two significant deportations, the first under Tiglath-pileser III and the second under Sargon II. However, it is quite evident that the Assyrians did not totally depopulate Israel. 12 The overall demographic impact of these specific deportations alone was thus not massive, even if we take the numbers quoted in the Assyrian inscriptions as accurate. The fact that, after the destruction of Israel, three other Assyrian kings—Sennacherib (r.

One week, the Jew decided to follow as it went “deeper and deeper into the forest” that lay outside his village. Suddenly, the man saw “a very tall man . . as tall as Goliath . . ” After the Sabbath ended, “the giant threw him into the air” and the Jew found himself instantly across the river, where his loyal goat was waiting to lead him home. 39 While the characteristics of the tribes differ from tale to tale, in all such stories they are annoyingly, tauntingly elusive. The tribes are at once distant and very close.

The river’s location (in the generic “east”), along with its vaguely similar name, were at play here. )62 Similar were painstaking attempts to identify specific named groups as the ten tribes, in light of prophecies that described them as “scattered among the nations” (Joel 3:2 and passim). Somewhat more sophisticated were attempts to pinpoint the “islands of the sea” mentioned by the prophets. Were they the Canaries? The British isles? ” Countless candidates emerged, with one mountain range or river giving way to the next as each possibility was exhausted in turn.

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