Converging Grammars: Constructions in Singapore English - download pdf or read online

By Debra Ziegeler

ISBN-10: 1614515719

ISBN-13: 9781614515715

This quantity presents a much-needed, severe review of the sector of buildings and development grammar within the context of Singapore English, and poses the query of deciding on a building in touch while the lexicon is derived from one language and the syntax from one other. Case reviews are illustrated during which the opportunity of a 'merger'-construction is available to unravel such difficulties. The ebook is meant for college kids of building theories, edition experiences, or any researcher of touch grammars

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There were also Catholic missionary teachers from the United States, as well as others from the UK and Australia, Ireland, France and Belgium. ) Gupta (1998) outlines two phases of educational transmission of English in Singapore: a stable period in the 19th century when the majority of children educated in the English medium were from English‑­or Malay‑­speaking homes, and a later period at the turn of the 20th century when Chinese‑­speaking children started entering English‑­medium schools. She believes it was in the first two decades of the 20th century, when children from mixed language backgrounds started to enter English medium edu‑ cation that the first signs of a colloquial sub‑­variety started to appear, the situa‑ tion being enhanced in particular by the education of girls who would be likely to give rise to a new generation of native speakers in later years (the assumption that females are likely to perpetuate the language, as mothers, of course, need not be always the case; in many homes, the father’s native language may have become the household lingua franca as well).

Oct 11 2005, 12:52 AM 9 The term lexical aspect follows roughly what has been discussed in previous accounts as ­Aktionsart, or ‘kinds of action’ (Comrie 1976: 6–7); Comrie prefers to refer to it as inherent aspect, or semantic aspect, Sasse (2002) refers to it as Aspect2, while Smith (1991) and Bybee et al (1994) have referred to the same category as situation aspect. It is used in opposition to grammatical aspect, or Aspect1 (Sasse 2002) (viewpoint aspect of Smith 1991 and Bybee et al (1994)).

Gupta (1998) refers to the Straits Chinese as the first Chinese group to educate their daughters in English‑­medium schools, and names them, along with the Eurasians, the Singapore Jews, and the local Armenians, as being instrumental in promoting the use of English in trading situations in the mid‑­19th century. The historical scene, then, as described by numerous accounts, was pre‑ sented as one of a rich intermixing of cultures and languages. Many of these have survived into the 21st century, though some are rapidly disappearing, due mainly to the careful engineering of local government language planning policy.

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