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This tendency is more significant at smaller sand-aggregate ratios and at large unit cement content. t3]have expanded Lyse’s rule of constant water contenton ordinary cement concrete, I41and defined slump controlfactor as follows: rp=vp+vw where ‘p is the slump control factor of the latex-modified concretes, and Vp and VW are the volumes of polymer and water per unit volume of the latexmodified concretes respectively. A typical example of slump control factorslump relationship obtained at different sand-aggregate ratios is presented in Fig.

5 cm Coarse Aggregate Size, Maximum No. 0 MIXING Latex-modified mortar and concrete are easily prepared by using all conventional mixing equipment and tools such as mortar or concrete batch mixers and ready-mix trucks, as well as by hand-mixing in mortar boxes or concrete mixing vessels. Before actual mixing, trial mixing should be performed to determine the mix proportions. Polymer latexes are initially mixed with mixing water, and directly added to the cement and aggregate mixes. The speed and time of mixing should be properly selected to avoid unnecessary entrapment of air even though antifoaming agents are used.

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