Download e-book for iPad: Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society by Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

By Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

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PProfessor Sinagatullin believes well-built multicultural lecture room is vital to decreasing racial, ethnic, spiritual, category, and gender prejudices. This publication explores problems with range in a rural atmosphere and introduces the reader to problems with people pedagogy and enthopedagogy that experience formerly remained unexplored.

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Since the mid-nineteenth century, an explosion of knowledge has occurred that is unprecedented in previous recorded history. The past century and a half has seen the invention of the telephone, automobile, radio, airplane, automatic weapons, Earth-orbiting satellites, manned spaceship, atomic weapons, television, and computers. The modern telephone with a digital answering machine can record callers’ voices. Mobile phones can receive the voices of our colleagues from the dense jungles of South America and the hottest deserts of North Africa.

The college period, from eighteen through twenty-two or twenty-five, is marked by further development of all physical, psychological, cognitive, and social characteristics. Students’ physical development nears that of adults. Their professional goals and behaviors are predominantly driven by conscious social motives. Such personal capacities as purposefulness, persistence, creative initiative, self-esteem, self-reliance, and decisiveness are further developed. Students’ attitudes to moral issues (such as parenthood, duty, happiness, love, fidelity, and altruism) rise to their substantial potential.

As for women’s magazines, Libelle and Murgriet, published in the Netherlands, seem to surpass other magazines in the world in readership as a percentage of the population (Wesselius, 1999b). Gender issues are closely related to sexuality, which may, owing to innate, cultural, and religious causes, have opposite-sex, same-sex, and other orientations. For example, in the Lakota Sioux communities, four orientations are approved: biological males who possess largely masculine traits, males who possess largely feminine traits, females who possess largely feminine traits, and females who possess largely masculine traits.

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Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society by Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

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