Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science by Max Hailperin PDF

By Max Hailperin

ISBN-10: 0534952119

ISBN-13: 9780534952112

Scheme has been taught to each scholar taking machine 'science' at MIT for the earlier twenty years, and it truly is more and more used during the international to educate that topic. The mainstream languages C++ and visible simple are thought of to be poorly designed, and C is just too low point to be a good selection in a path meant to supply a accomplished creation to laptop technological know-how (which is going a long way past what the common individual calls 'programming').

Scheme is a version of Lisp, that's the second one oldest laptop language, after Fortran. it truly is, even if, a completely sleek language, and has strongly inspired the layout of alternative glossy languages like ML and Python.

The publication starts off in Scheme, then provides item orientated thoughts and meeting language. It finishes with a transition to Java, that's, in fact, just like C++. This strategy will offer a much wider history than a standard textual content utilizing C++ or C could.

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For example, the quotient when 1234 is divided by 10 is 123. This lets us define the number of digits in n in terms of the number of digits in a smaller number, namely, (quotient n 10). Putting this together, we have (define num-digits (lambda (n) (if (< n 10) 1 (+ 1 (num-digits (quotient n 10)))))) We could extend num-digits to negative integers using cond: (define num-digits (lambda (n) (cond ((< n 0) (num-digits (- n))) ((< n 10) 1) (else (+ 1 (num-digits (quotient n 10))))))) If we want to do more with the digits than count how many there are, we need to find out what each digit is.

As explained in the sidebar on exponents, you can do this by multiplying together exponent copies of base. (You can compare results with Scheme’s built-in procedure called expt. However, do not use expt in power. 2 Induction Do you believe us that the factorial procedure really computes factorials? Probably. That’s because once we explained the reasoning behind it, there isn’t much to it. ) Sometimes, however, it is a bit trickier to convince someone that a procedure generates the right answer.

1. 6 Let’s consider some variants of the basic form common to factorial and sum-of-first. a. Describe precisely what the following procedure computes in terms of n: (define subtract-the-first (lambda (n) (if (= n 0) 0 (- (subtract-the-first (- n 1)) n)))) b. Consider what happens when you exchange the order of multiplication in factorial: (define factorial2 (lambda (n) (if (= n 0) 1 (* n (factorial2 (- n 1)))))) Experimentation with various values of n should persuade you that this version computes the same value as did the original factorial.

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