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By Gary North

ISBN-10: 0930464532

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Right here in 200-pages is the handy-dandy exposition of Christian Reconstruction that you have been looking ahead to. with no exception, each released feedback of Christian Reconstruction and theonomy has grossly distorted or maybe lied outright approximately what Christian Reconstructionists think. this can be even actual of a few of the chapters in Westminster Theological Seminary's ebook, Theonomy: A Reformed Critique. North and DeMar write to set the checklist instantly. North's half the e-book is entitle "God's Covenantal Kingdom," and units forth the foundational rules of Christian Reconstruction. DeMar's half is entitled "Questions commonly asked approximately Christian Reconstruction."

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Thirty years ago, I took a university course in the history of political theory. It was taught by a graduate student who had studied political philosophy under Sheldon Wolin. Some eight years later, when I was a graduate student in history, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Professor Wolin. I had no idea what he would be discussing, but I decided to attend. Wolin, then of the University of California, Berkeley, later a professor at Princeton University, gave a one-hour speech to a small group of graduate students.

Notice the implicit argument. First, Jesus was (and is) building His church (true). Second, Jesus was (and is) also building His kingdom (true). Third, the church is not supposed to be 28 CHRISTIAN RECONSTRUCTION political (true). Fourth, His kingdom therefore is not political (true only if His kingdom is identical to His church). Question: Is His kingdom identical with His church? protestants and tithOtiCS It always astounds me when I hear Protestants cite John 18:36 in order to defend a narrow definition of God’s kingdom in history.

The court opinion was an exhaustive study of the historical and legal evidence for America’s Christian heritage. After examining hundreds of court cases, state constitutions, and other historical documents, Justice Josiah Brewer, who delivered the opinion of the Court, concluded with these words: This is a religious people. This is historically true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation. . = The list could go on. 3g Since the rise of dispensational premillennialism in the midnineteenth century — which is Hunt’s operating interpretive methodology — the church has steadily turned the culture over 38.

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