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By John Earman, Clark Glymour, Sandra Mitchell

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Natural and social sciences look quite often, even though frequently in simple terms implicitly, to hedge their legislation via ceteris paribus clauses - a convention that is philosophically very challenging to appreciate simply because such clauses appear to render the legislation trivial and unfalsifiable. After early concerns the difficulty is vigorously mentioned within the philosophy of technological know-how and the philosophy of brain considering ca. 15 years.
This quantity collects the main famous philosophers of technology within the box and offers a full of life, debatable, yet well-integrated, hugely unique and up to date dialogue of the difficulty. it is going to be the reference publication within the coming years referring to ceteris paribus laws.

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Instead, as I see it, the real problem with the ceteris paribus solution is that directs our attention along an unproductive avenue - it encourages us to believe that we can vindicate the special sciences simply by coming up with the right account of the semantics of ceteris paribus locution, while retaining in an unaltered form the accounts of law, testing and explanation associated with (1)-(4). I claim that what is required instead is the hard work of rethinking ( 1)-(4) and replacing them with more adequate accounts of testing and explanation in the special sciences.

Whether or not this construal of claims like (i)-(iii) is correct, we need some story about what such claims say that does justice to the fact that they are not just summaries of statistical information. It should also be obvious that on my construal the claim that Cs cause Es is not tantamount to the vacuous claim that Es are followed by Cs except when they are not. , that some interventions on C will change E) we must have recourse either to controlled experiments or to some body of information that allows us to reach reliable conclusions about what would happen in such an experiment.

However, a more charitable reading is that Hausman takes the satisfaction of (i)-(iii) to be necessary and sufficient for "All Fs are Gs" to be a ceteris paribus law. On this interpretation, Hausman is also committed to (F2). Pietroski and Rey (1995) require that for "All Fs are Gs" to be a ceteris paribus law, then either instances ofF are either followed by G or in cases [33] 310 JIM WOODWARD in which instances ofF are not G, there is some factor K' which explains why this is the case and which also explains other facts as well.

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