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It also assumed that some sort of privacy or data-bank legislation is inevitable and necessary, and hoped through this report to encourage the inclusion of research uses of data in that legislation. In the short term, however, it concluded that there were actions wh ich researchers and administrators could take without legislation. Thus, this re port is also aimed at those who conduct and administer research using personal information. Whose Hand is in the File Drawer? As modern science tackles increasingly complex human problems, its demands for personal information grow inexorably.

Is, which commended to the attention of sociologists phases of conduct with which they had not previously dealt. The progress and enlarged seIf-confidence of sociologists have also encouraged this, as weIl as the greater impersonality of the new techniques. The new techniques of sociological research, by restricting the tie between the investigator and the 34 Introduction person investigated, have reduced inhibitions against intrusion into personal privacy. The absence of a personal relationship between investigator and the investigated weakened the barriers to penetration and intrusion which the quasi-personal ties in so me way supported.

Politics, culture, individual careers and ambitions, a11 drew attention out of the narrow primordial sphere and turned it outward, toward public things. The deflection of attention was helped by a number of ecological changes which were associated with urbanisation and industrialisation. The diminishing significance of handicrafts and of agriculture, and the increasing proportion of the population employed in factories and offices, meant also an increasing proportion whose place of work and place of residence were made more distant from each other.

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