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Cats can fall into a deep sleep almost any time of the day or night. These naps may last from a few minutes to several hours. Cats sleep as much as sixteen hours per day. This is much more time than other animals spend, and there is no known cause for this behavior. When frightened or threatened, cats will puff up in order to look larger to their enemy. 29 Cats are most alert at dawn and dusk because these times are better for hunting. Even house cats that have never hunted real prey follow this pattern.

These tough cats live where food is available or where people leave food out for them. Colony life represents safety, and the cats trust each other. Colony members are hostile to cats outside of the colony whether they are feral cats or pets. Some feral females will even nurse and raise orphaned feral kittens within the colony. Still, because of poor living conditions and malnutrition, more than half the kittens born within a colony will die. These feral cats will spend their lives together in a group, looking for food where they can.

Flexible, they can reach every part of their body except their head and face. Cats lick their paws and rub them over these areas to clean them. Grooming also helps calm a cat. Cats often groom if they are under stress. If a cat is upset or even bored for long periods of time, it might groom itself to the point of causing bald spots on its body. When a cat grooms, it eats small amounts of fur that it coughs up later as a fur ball. Cats are territorial animals. They mark their territory by spraying urine.

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