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By Stoddard Martin

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Chapters contain: 1. creation; 2. Jack London: I The Underman and the reason, II lady, Race and the Land, III 'The Little girl' and the culture; three. John Steinbeck: I Radicalism, II Bourgeois Career/Proletarian Comedies, III Femme Fatale; four. the cruel men: I Hammett and Puritanism, II The Zeitgeist and Cain, III Raymond Chandler; five. The Sixties and After.

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22 Sinclair, delving further, tells of a recurrent nightmare of Nemesis in London's later life: 'He saw in this dream an imperial figure, inexorable as destiny and yet strangely human, descending a cascade of staircases, while he looked up at it and waited to be vanquished. ' 23 And O'Connor makes much of the fact that London once stated that he would like to write a memoir entitled jane Barleycorn, which would do for the deceits and perfidies of woman what john Barleycorn (1913) had done for the evils of alcohol.

Nowhere was this more apparent than among the proletariat; and it is entirely credible that Saxon and Billy should find their way from the urban inferno to a congenial version of the pastoral through the guidance of those few of their kind who either had not lost it in the first place or had found their way back previously by a similar process. In terms of the multi-racial superego America went on to develop in the twentieth century, this form of expressionism would come to seem inadmissible. But celebration of race and the triumph of one's own in the competition among many has been a leitmotiv of European literature since well before Shakespeare.

It is almost as if, with his most fully integrated male persona having just been expressed, London were able to relax, let his masculine ego drift, and focus his imagination on the muse, the anima, the feminine stirring in his nature - that vision of the heroic young woman which had compelled him since his initial, imperfect novelistic outing. A Daughter of the Snows follows this pattern in that it comes after the realistic, manly tales of the Klondike. ' 28 No suffragette nor sister of the nascent career-woman, no society-queen of Europe or the American East, Frona is a creature unique to the frontier ethic from which she springs: a rugged and dauntless daughter of the wilderness.

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