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In fifty two B.C. at Alesia in what's now Burgundy in France Julius Caesar pulled off one of many nice feats of Roman hands. His seriously outnumbered military completely defeated the mixed forces of the Gallic tribes led via Vercingetorix and accomplished the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Alesia crusade, and the epic siege within which it culminated, was once considered one of Caesar s best army achievements, and it has involved historians ever due to the fact.

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Heavier pila were weighted with lead and could have been thrown up to 70m. It is likely, therefore, that pila were thrown at the Gauls before they entered the defences of the circumvallation and contravallation at Alesia. The equipment available for use by the legionary was extensive and the legionary himself carried much of it. The requirement that legionaries carry all their equipment is attributed to Marius: hence the term ‘Marius’ mules’, although the likelihood is that this is a misattribution.

Alternatively, Caesar’s crossing into Gaul was taken by other Gallic tribes as a helpful event that would further their own political ambitions. Many Gallic tribes felt that siding with Caesar was in their interests and the larger tribal groups, who aimed to benefit from his activities, supported Caesar’s actions. Rome imposed allegiances upon them and demands that were pro-Roman. Caesar took hostages to enforce the connection between the Gallic tribes and Rome. He also used the allied tribes as a recruiting base to increase the number of troops in his army, thereby boosting control over the region.

The lines of the circumvallation are marked in white. © Peter A. Inker 2007 This reconstructed gateway gives an impression of the kind of fortifications used in Caesar’s circumvallation (Lunt Roman Fort, near Coventry, UK). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Reconstructed entrance to the hill fort at Bibracte. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Marcus Antonius. Roman testudo or ‘tortoise’. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Brutus. ’ [Diodorus Siculus, Library, IV. 19. 1] The Alesia Campaign occurred at a time when significant changes were taking place in both Rome and Gaul.

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