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Their body is full of grooves that absorb humidity, and their life spans fluctuate between three and four months. They adapt to almost any habitat: marine, freshwater, or land. HAIRS come out of the mites' legs. These are actually sensory organs. 001 inch A fact that many people are not aware of is that the presence of mites is closely linked to humidity. These minuscule animals can cause severe harm at home. They can cause many respiratory illnesses, including asthma. Because dust mites need humid conditions in order to live, every room should be well-ventilated.

HONEYDEW is a secretion with a high concentration of simple sugars. Relationship with People A piculture, or keeping bees to use their products, is a very old practice. Originally, people only hunted beehives. Not only did they eat the honey from the beehives; they also mixed it with water and left it to ferment so they could make alcoholic drinks. Today the production of honey has been perfected in such a way that THE HIVE Movable frames allow the beekeeper to remove a frame with young bees and in this way start a new colony.

Some dust mites carry parasites; others cause allergic reactions. Live inside the wood they feed on. CENTIPEDES MOSQUITO Aedes aegypti is the vector for yellow fever and dengue fever. BLOODSUCKING BUG (TRIATOMINE) Triatoma infestans Triatoma transmits Chagas disease to humans. Chagas disease produces cardiac, digestive, nervous, and respiratory complications. When Triatoma bites a human, it excretes waste on the skin that can contain the parasite Tripanosoma cruzi. The parasite then enters the bloodstream when the victim scratches the bite.

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