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By Matthew H. Nitecki

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CARLSON. 1941. The history of land use ^in the Harvard Forest. Harv. For. Bull. 20. SIREN, G. 1955. The development of spruce forest on raw humus sites in northern Finland and its ecology. Acta Forestalia Fennica, 6 2 . S. 1949. Ninety years change in a northern hard­ wood forest in Wisconsin. Ecology 30:350-358. P. 1955. The historical-developmental method of determining forest trends. D. thesis. Harvard University. P. 1956. The uprooting of trees, a forest process: Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. Proc. 20:113-116.

A recent student has attempted to explain the distribution of species and tree forms in a tropical jungle by analyses of community and population dynamics (Hubbell, Physical Disturbance in Plant Life 1979). 45 He found that in order to rationalize the facts as he found them he had to insert a factor of periodic disturbance. C. Whitmore (1975) from studies in the rain forests of the far east has analyzed the growth of these forests in terms of "gap phases". The gaps are openings in the forest made by disturbances of various kinds.

If water is available during the summer to bring the medium- to fine-textured soils to their liquid limit they begin to flow, even on very gentle slopes. They gradually get far enough away from their upslope sources of water to lose their fluidity and begin to pile up. are formed in this way. Lobate structures The vegetation is torn apart and built up as part of the barrier at the front of a lobe which may be only a few inches or as much as 8-9 feet high. Frost heaving and thrusting have given rise to various forms of patterned ground.

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