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By Philip Nelson

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Physics and engineering departments are development study courses in organic physics, yet formerly there has no longer been a synthesis of this dynamic box on the undergraduate point. organic Physics makes a speciality of new leads to molecular automobiles, self-assembly, and single-molecule manipulation that experience revolutionized the sphere lately, and integrates those issues with classical effects. The textual content additionally offers foundational fabric for the rising box of nanotechnology. The textual content is outfitted round a self-contained center aimed at undergraduate scholars who've had twelve months of calculus-based physics. extra "Track-2" sections comprise extra complicated fabric for senior physics majors and graduate scholars.

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What did we really accomplish here? This isn't th e end, it's the beginn ing: We didn't find any explanation of frictional drag, nor of diffusion , yet. But we know a lor abo ut how that theory should work. 10. This result helps in figuring out the real theory. 4 Some notational conventions involving flux and density To illustrate how units help us disentangle related concepts, consider a family of re- lated qua nt ities tha t will be used throughout the book. ) • We will often use the symbols N to denote the numb er of discrete things (a dim ensionless integer), V to denot e volume (with 51un its rn"), and q to denote a quanti ty of electric charge (with 51un it co ul).

54 em Then, we take any expression and multiply or divide by I, canceling the undesired units. 8- x 5' 91' l inch inch = 386- . 54 qt\ 5' Finally, no dimension al quantit y can be called "large" in any absolute sense. Thus, a speed of 1cm 5- 1 may seem slow to you, but it's impo ssibly fast to a bacterium. " Finding relevant dimensionless combinations of parameters is often a key step to classifying the qualitative properties of a system. 2 will illustrate this idea, defining th e "Reynolds num ber" to classify fluid flows.

What's less well~emem bered is that Franklin, and most of his ~c~ntem pora ries) had a similar vision of heat. In this view, heat also was an invisible fluid. " When one placed such ~ -~-P' bodies in contact, the fluid flowed until the fluid was under the same "pressure" in each-or in ot her words, until both were at the same temp erature. The fluid theory of heat made some fUPerficial sense. A large body would need more heat fluid to increase its temperature by on e degree than would a small body, just as a large balloo n needs mo re air than does a small one to increase its internal pressure to, say.

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