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The stages in the life cycle of parasitic protozoa that are of prime importance to man are those which live in the vertebrate hosts. Thus, it is on these stages that most work has been done. However, the ever present problem of the availability of material (chapter 3) has restricted investigations to the few developmental stages readily available in quantity; other stages have been largely ignored. In this chapter we shall consider energy stores, utilisation of substrates, transport of substrates into the cell, end products, intermediary metabolism, mechanisms of energy production, maintenance of the redox state of the cells and correlation of metabolism with cell ultrastructure.

Trop. Dis. , 73, 699-705 Peters, W. (1974). Recent advances in antimalarial chemotherapy and drug resistance. Adv. , 12, 69-114 Peters, W. (1976). The search for antileishmanial agents. In Biochemistry of Parasites and Host-Parasite Relationships (ed. H. Van den Bossche), Elsevier-North Holland Biomedical Press, Amsterdam, pp. 523-535 Roitt, I. (1974). Essential Immunology, second adition. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford Ryley, J. F. and Betts, M. J. (1973). Chemotherapy of chicken coccidiosis.

These storage lipids usually occur as CATABOLISM. 1 The structure of a-D-glucose. 2 The structure of part of a glycogen molecule demonstrating a(l - 4) and a(l - 6) glycosidic linkages. fat droplets and in mammals are especially common in adipose tissue. Synthesis of fatty acids occurs in the cytoplasm of cells, whereas catabolism occurs in mitochondria. Lipid metabolism is considered in more detail in chapter 8. Both glycogen and triacylglycerols normally are synthesised in times of abundant energy availability.

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