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By Darel A. Rutherford

ISBN-10: 0967054028

ISBN-13: 9780967054025

In Being the answer you will know about the facility Pause, a robust transformational device that adjustments your manner of BEING relative to what you understand to be an issue. the matter easily dissolves and disappears.

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Darel A. Rutherford's Being The Solution PDF

In Being the answer you will know about the facility Pause, a robust transformational device that alterations your means of BEING relative to what you understand to be an issue. the matter easily dissolves and disappears.

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But to win at the game, you must maintain an overview that allows you to see that it’s your ego, not the real you, playing out the role. You are not your ego. You are the one who wrote the script; ego merely plays out the role as you’ve written it. And when you want something you don’t have, you must be aware that a transformation in consciousness is the only way you can have it. You’ll be writing a new script by making a new BEING choice. - 44 - Not about having You must know that you can’t play at the next level of the game until you give up your attachment to the level you will leave behind.

It’s your attitude about life reflected back at you as your reality. - 51 - Being The Solution • • • • • • It’s your expressed opinion about everything you’ve made significant. It is your perception of yourself relative to everything else in your reality. It is your self-concept being verified as your experience of reality. It is your perception of reality made to appear authentic by your ego. It is your self-worth setting a limit to what you may have in life. It is the perceived reality of your self-imposed limitations.

Your new box will have a much better view of life, but it’s still a box. Habits are to the soul what veins and arteries are to the blood, the courses in which it flows. ) That reality will remain intact for as long as you continue to believe that there’s no way out of that particular box. Even when you want out of your box, ego will find a way to make your desire seem like a part of your box. Wanting something is what we do from inside the box; having that something is an outside the box experience --Darel Rutherford - 55 - Being The Solution That’s why wanting out of your box is not enough.

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