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By Joseph Rael, Mary Elizabeth Marlow

ISBN-10: 1937462021

ISBN-13: 9781937462024

All lifestyles is vibration. From human breath and heartbeat to the pulsating energies of subatomic debris, to the growth and contraction of stars and the universe itself, pulsation-vibration is inherent in all that exists. Rael indicates how we may possibly adventure religious fact by means of gaining access to vibration via drumming, chanting, and imaginative and prescient quests.

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According to the storyteller, Vibration loved to climb, like little boys love to climb. Vibration liked to sit and play, just as little boys like to sit and play. Vibration liked to be grandfathers and grandmothers. Vibration loved little boys and little girls because Vibration was babies and Vibration was boys of eight years old or girls of eight years old or teenage girls and boys. Vibration was made of teenage love already being what it was being, so it could continue. Vibration was twenty and then twenty-five and then thirty-five or thereabouts.

Once we understand what movement really means, we can then see our patterns of behavior. There is an ancient saying that a confused state is that state in which the idea has not yet begun to sing its song of identity. Once the metaphor of the principle idea was understood through the mysteries of vibration, it fell in love with life and gained the curiosity to explore an infinite variety of forms. Similarly, my awe for life came out of this same tradition. I know that now. What is a house? I have come to understand that a house is the form (or house) of the shattering light.

Since she was pleasantly plump, hugs from her were especially warm and comforting. I never tired of gazing in her face. Her eyes were dark and shiny and when she looked at me, it was with such goodness that I knew she could see all the way into my heart. What I remember most was her smile. She seemed always to be smiling. Her whole face would light up from somewhere deep inside. For her, life was full of joy, and she had the capacity to tap into a pleasure, even while doing the simplest of tasks.

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