Asterix Bd.17: Die Trabantenstadt GERMAN - download pdf or read online

By Rene Goscinny

ISBN-10: 3770400178

ISBN-13: 9783770400171

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7/2/10 2:33:40 PM . k u l h sh .. . indd 40 7/2/10 2:33:41 PM Miss Dinah, don’t turn around, but I believe we are being followed. I know, I’ve seen them too. What do you propose? Propose? I don’t propose anything. What can I do? I’m tired, I’m hot, I’m covered in mud and I have no clue what to do. I told you, I’m no good at this. indd 41 7/2/10 2:33:41 PM There’s nothing here, there’s no one to save, there’s nothing! What’s the point of even being here? Perhaps this ghost is all around us, like the one in the maze that we met before.

He would be if it weren’t for me. I never should have dragged him into this whole mess. 7/2/10 2:33:41 PM Dinah, you’re sinking!! shl Miss Dinah, you must try to stay focused! Can you lift your arms? indd 43 k. u u u .. Stay still and I’ll try to pull you out! 7/2/10 2:33:42 PM It’s no good, Edrear. I failed. I knew I’d fail without Vincent. I’m just no good. b bluu blub Miss Dinah, don’t think like that! It’s not your fault! indd 44 7/2/10 2:33:42 PM Come on, I’ll get you out of this! Try to move your legs!

None of this is your fault. Vincent’s death was an accident. You can’t let yourself be overcome with guilt. You have to fight your sadness. Don’t let it pull you under! If you don’t at least try, we can’t help you! please don’t give up! Fight it!! Miss Dinah, please... fight it... I’m sorry, Edrear. I’m on empty. I can’t give any more... indd 46 7/2/10 2:33:43 PM pluup Miss... Miss Dinah... indd 47 7/2/10 2:33:43 PM Uh, dude... Wolves are here. rrrr.. RRr..... indd 48 7/2/10 2:33:43 PM QUICKLY, DIG!

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Asterix Bd.17: Die Trabantenstadt GERMAN by Rene Goscinny

by Joseph

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