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By Albert Uderzo

ISBN-10: 0752846582

ISBN-13: 9780752846583

Set in 50 B.C., those hysterical old stories stick to the adventures of Asterix and his acquaintances within the days of the Roman Empire. quite often, he’s concerned with maintaining his city from the legionnaires (with the aid of a magic potion), yet the following whatever else is on his brain: his shock party! in the meantime, outdated pals are approximately to show up again...and they’re as much as anything attention-grabbing. “Great for major high-school scholars into dialogue of background and literary devices.”—Booklist

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Despite being battered and bruised, she springs to her feet, takes in the situation at a glance, and says in a clear but urgent voice: “Thank the gods you’ve saved me! Then those horrid females of the chief were to come, butcher me, and I’d be served up for that fat ape’s supper. Listen! We must get out of here quickly, get to the chief’s house, and from there fight off the others. ” The team needs to make a dash at full speed across the suspension bridge pair to the chief ’s hut. For each four rounds after you count silently to 12, there will be one male losel alert enough to shoot his bow at the party as they cross to the big hut 100 feet distant.

You can’t deny the colors you wear—dukes heanlings! He steals from all, and we take back from him. ” “That’s it! ” The last should goad the lot into taking some offensive action, but just in case they show some trickery, throw down the lance, toss off the saddlebags, the Kobolds will become over-confident. The two tricksters at the top of the hill will step from their concealed places in the bushes, become visible as they check the saddlebags for the coins that they expect to find. ” that gives the party an idea that there are foes nearby, and that the same voice that came from the barricade now sounds not far off to their left.

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