New PDF release: Artificial Intelligence in Basic

By Mike James (Auth.)

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Obviously, x2 is the next most important measure because a move that results in (or rather leaves) a line of two 'X's is a very bad move. When heuristics meet: the strategy of competition 31 Hence the value of 'b' should be large but not so large that it interferes with the effect of a*o3. If Ό ' has a three row it is not difficult to see that there can be at most two lines of two 'X's so as long as 2*b

What tends to happen is that a human will not analyse the situation in minute detail but try to draw on past experience. He or she will try to match some detail of the problem with something seen in the past. In other words, use is made of a wide-ranging knowledge of the way that the world works, knowledge that is generally not included in programs that reason logically. If this is the case then to construct programs that reason about things in the way that humans do, we should first look at the representation of knowledge inside a computer.

For the purpose of example, however, the algorithmic solution will be ignored. If, by the end of the chapter, you feel in need of a more complex example you could extend the programs to pay three-dimensional noughts and crosses - a real challenge not least of which is the printing of the board! Noughts and crosses Before going on to read the rest of this chapter, it would be a help if you could persuade someone to play a few games of noughts and crosses with you just to refresh your memory of the sort of considerations that govern the play.

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Artificial Intelligence in Basic by Mike James (Auth.)

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