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Ontology is the philosophical self-discipline that goals to appreciate how issues on this planet are divided into different types and the way those different types are comparable. this is often precisely what details scientists target for in growing established, automatic representations, known as ontologies, for dealing with info in fields such as technological know-how, govt, undefined, and healthcare. presently, those platforms are designed in numerous other ways, so they can not percentage info with each other. This quantity indicates, in a non-technical means and utilizing examples from drugs and biology, how the rigorous software of theories and insights from philosophical ontology can increase the ontologies upon which info administration relies.

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For instance, since the most general and basic way of identifying physical objects is by means of their spatiotemporal position, space and time are forms of objects about which we may have a priori knowledge at the most general level. We cannot really refer to a thing as a white item without knowing, at least, where it is or was located at some time. We may ask where the white item that was in Alaska is now, and answer that it is now to be found at the North Pole. In any case, we have already identified the object by means of one of its spatiotemporal positions; thus, we need to understand space and time in general before being able to identify any spatiotemporal object.

Further, two different special sciences may very well have overlapping domains, that is, domains that include the same members. For example, the claims of physics and chemistry apply to the very same things, except that the former investigates their physical properties, while the latter their chemical properties. Ontology differs from such sciences as physics and differential psychology, but not because it considers another special range of things. Every object studied by ontology is also studied by some other discipline.

The first of these sources Kant calls intuition, which is the capacity or act of representing concrete particular objects, whether real or imaginary, to the mind. But intuition alone does not suffice for cognition. ‘Thoughts without content are void’, Kant claims, and ‘intuitions without concepts are blind’ (Kant, 1781, B75). Hence, 49 intuition must be supplemented by what Kant calls judgment, the act or capacity of uniting representations under concepts such as ‘existence’, ‘unity’, ‘substance’, or ‘cause’.

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