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She glanced at the mug of beer in his hand and walked right past him to the counter. "Your friend left half a mug of beer," she said. " "I know. " She picked up Brady's half-mug of beer and put it to her lips, and drank in sips. Harris followed her forward and stood six feet distant, watching her with affection plain in his eyes. She looked up, meeting his glance, her eyes holding his over a lengthening moment of stillness. Her gaze was too level—she had something on her mind. Presently she said, "Captain Sutherland was in here a little while ago.

She looked slowly around the room as though it were unfamiUar to her. " "To be with me? " Finally she said, "I can't say. Will. " He turned toward the door. With his hand on the latch, he looked over his shoulder at her. "You'll have to figure that out for yomself, Eleanor. I want you for me, not for the freedom I may seem to oflFer you. " "I don't know. " He nodded and pulled open the door. " "All right, Will. " He left her that way, standing alone in the center of the dusty parlor. He pulled the door shut behind him and walked into the night, head bowed in thought, troubled by the memories that flitted past his vision, troubled by the uncertainties of the present and the dangers of the future.

He walked to the open window and turned around. "I've got a bad case of conscience right now, Ma-]or. " "You and I both know why Inyo jumped the reservation and why most of his band followed him. It wasn't because Inyo's a criminal and it wasn't because they all got iDlood-thirsty. It was because they got hungry. They've had a dozen treaties busted right under their noses. Now the Government puts them on a God-forsaken reservation that won't even support sand lizards and cactus wrens. What do they expect the Apaches to live on?

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