Antonio de Viti de Marco: A Story Worth Remembering - download pdf or read online

By Manuela Mosca

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This booklet offers perception into the extraordinary lifestyles and paintings of the Italian economist Antonio de Viti de Marco (1858-1943). This e-book provides 11 interviews with American and Italian students from a variety of disciplines that supply a profile of this significant highbrow as an fiscal theorist, baby-kisser, and person. He was once the founding father of the natural concept of Public Finance, performed a huge position within the starting place of Public selection, and was once additionally a staunch liberal and radical baby-kisser. An English translation of 1 of his books, made as early as 1936, drastically stimulated James M. Buchanan, Nobel prize-winner for economics.

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To get a clear idea of De Viti’s election to Parliament in 1901, you have to see it in the context of what was happening at the end of the century, in the end of century crisis. As I said, the line of the Giornale degli Economisti, pursued energetically on the economic front, was highly critical of the choices made especially by the Crispi government,10 with very interesting macroeconomic analyses by De Viti on the role of public spending in the economic system. 12 Pareto was put in charge of the Cronache of the Giornale degli Economisti, and he transformed it into a very widely read political page, in which he harshly attacked Crispi, that is, he furiously attacked the government, linking his attack to the question of the Banca Romana.

Very, very interested. And he says to his mother: I want to get mixed up in the affairs of state, of politics, I cannot renege’, that’s what he says: ‘I cannot renege’—he uses the archaic term, because now and then there are words from the high-flown tradition, then there are dialect words: they are the letters of a boy! ‘I cannot renege that I want to get mixed up in affairs 28 M. ’ It was his goal. ‘And I want to become’ … once he even said he would agree to his father’s wish that he become a lawyer provided it was in penal law, because he wanted to learn the art of oratory, to give kings, governments, and all those who behaved badly, a piece of his mind.

Is there a link with the politics for the South of Italy? And how useful was it in practice? The issue of the South of Italy was always present in De Viti de Marco and also in Pantaleoni; in certain respects it was raised by them, but it was raised within a general perspective. It was raised from the beginning of the Nineties with reference to customs duties, with the argument, in fact well-grounded, that since 1887 these duties had been very harmful to southern agricultural exports. For practical purposes this was argued in order to reopen the trade treaties with the countries and the economies that might buy southern exports, that was the idea, referring to the customs war between Italy and France of 1888.

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