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By James M. Drake, D. Gordon Potts, Claude Lemaire (auth.), Satoshi Matsumoto M.D., Kiyoshi Sato M.D., Norihiko Tamaki M.D., Shizuo Oi M.D. (eds.)

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003. 05, two-tailed t test). 009. 004). These data suggest that "accessory" spinal cord pathways are important in clearance of particulate matter and CSF after subarachnoid hemorrhage. In acute hydrocephalus, more CSF is shunted into the spinal cord and less escapes via the cranial lymphatic channels ; with compensation of hydrocephalus, these both return toward control values. (Neurosurgery 24: 187-192, 1989) Key words: CSF absorption, Subarachnoid hemorrhage, Accessory pathways Measurement of the CSF Velocity Using Cine-mode MRI Tomikatsu TOYODA,!

Afterwards the Marmarou's bolus injection test was carried out calculating the volume-pressure index (VPI) and the intracranial compliance (C). The result s of experimental parameters are shown in Table. Both baseline ICP and baseline AMP were much higher in hydrocephalic animals than in cont rols. Also C decreased significantly in hydrocephalic animals but there were no differences regarding VPI. 05) but no corr elations were found between PVI and AMP. OOl). The results of our experimental stud y suggest that pulse amplitude relates to the intracranial pressure and that intracranial compliance is a better parameter of the volume-pressure response than pressure-volume index.

Twenty cases with adult communicating hydrocephalus were also investigated from the point of view of shunt responsiveness. Although there was no remarkable change in the cerebrovascular bed in the juvenile cases, as estimated by CBF and CBV images, CBF of the remnant brain parenchyma was good irrespective of the degree of ventrieular dilatation. There was a periventricular-reduced IMP uptake in each case, however, it somehow matched the ventricular span on CT (Fig. 1), Functional outcome one to 23 years after the initial shunt operation was good in every case, despite multiple shunt revisions.

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Annual Review of Hydrocephalus: Volume 8 1990 by James M. Drake, D. Gordon Potts, Claude Lemaire (auth.), Satoshi Matsumoto M.D., Kiyoshi Sato M.D., Norihiko Tamaki M.D., Shizuo Oi M.D. (eds.)

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