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XI11 16). Cf. Forerunner to Hh. XIII); U ~ U - S ~ G ~ U ' ~ U ' ~=USU-u = SU-u (= sikidu or the hke) (Hh. XI11 17), which indicates that yet another term for the "long-fleeced sheep" was udu-siki-du. However, this term is not otherwise documented in Mesopotamian sources. See Jones-Snyder 130; MVM 13 618. The term udu-kur-ra appears already in an ED lexical text (MEE 3, p. 67 nos. 18-25 line 54 - written udu-kur). Cf. udu-kur-ra = im-me-ri 56-di-i in Hh. XI11 35. In economic sources, this term is documented from Sargonic times onwards (OIP 14 127:3, 8, 134:l [u8kur]; CT 50 62:l; HSS 10 171:2, 172 rev.

LLJM, following gukkal and preceding udu-kur (MEE 3, p. 67 nos. 18-25 line 53). LUM plus various designations of color and the ways of processing, passim in BIN 9 and 10. See also below nn. 56 and 59. See H Klengel, RlA 713-4 (1988) 164-68. 48 CAD All, p. 374. , p. " This writing is obviously based on the Akkadian lullfi, "man" (CAD L, p. LUM (Emar VU4, p. 107 lines 9'-12'). 51 CAD A12, p. 336. LUM is reclassified as aslu, then the lemma alu of CAD All, pp. 374-75, simply disappears, for its existence is not supported by any other evidence.

45. See Steinkeller, SEL 6 (1989) 4-5. , pp. 4-5. More correctly, the word for "nanny goat" is uzudx@z) (see Steinkeller, MC 4, p. 42), but I use the traditional reading uz for convenience. Sheep and goat terminology in Ur I11 sources from Drehem Steinkeller Cf. TAB = MIN (= e-pi-r[i-turn]) (Hh. XV 235 = MSL 9, p. 13), where the meaning of epiritu (if restored correctly) is unfortunately unknown. See udu-ad4 = kub-bu-lu (FIh. MIN (Ea I1 230-31 = MSL 14, p. 257). Cf. Iu-ad4 = hu-um-mu-ru-um (MSE 12, p.

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