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By Arran Stibbe

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Animals are disappearing, vanishing, and loss of life out—not simply within the actual experience of changing into extinct, yet within the experience of being erased from our recognition. more and more, interactions with animals take place at a get rid of: mediated through nature courses, books, and cartoons; framed by way of the enclosures of zoos and aquariums; distanced via the museum instances that reveal dead our bodies. during this thought-provoking booklet, Arran Stibbe takes us on a trip of discovery, revealing the numerous ways that language impacts our relations with animals and the wildlife. Animal-product manuals, college textbooks, ecological stories, media assurance of environmental concerns, and animal-rights polemics all generally painting animals as inanimate gadgets or passive sufferers. In his look for a substitute for those detrimental sorts of discourse, Stibbe turns to the conventional tradition of Japan. inside Zen philosophy, haiku poetry, or even modern children’s lively movies, animals look as lively brokers, best their very own lives for his or her personal reasons, and of price in themselves.

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The results of this reasoning pattern can be seen in Coats’s (1989: 34) description of pig farming: “the sow must produce the maximum number of live piglets in the shortest time. . ” This chapter analyzed a number of materials using the methods of critical discourse analysis in an investigation of the connection between language, power and the oppression of animals. The ultimate aim of analyses such as this is, of course, not simply to describe relations of domination and exploitation, but also to challenge them.

And pigs provide] . . an ideal agent for inducing us to break our narrow containments . . and thereby scale new heights of enlightenment and psychic liberation. (198) Like his parodies of the discourses of oppression, Hedgepeth’s application of psychological and spiritual discourse to pigs is exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek and not intended to be taken (too) seriously. Through this creative use of language, Hedgepeth resists mainstream discourse and replaces it with an entirely new way of constructing pigs.

This change is constructed not just as psychological growth but spiritual growth too, through intertextual borrowings from the domain of spiritual discourse. The following quotes illustrate the use of spiritual discourse to contribute to what Hedgepeth calls a “massive redefinition of hogness for the new age” (26): True “hogritude” — the mystical essence and condition of being an actual hog — demands extended periods of meditation. (173) 49 50 animals er ased The all-pervasive essence of Hog had resonated across time and insinuated itself deep into .

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