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All snakes are carnivorous, feeding on animals ranging from ants to antelopes. 1 m) Black-and-white amphisbaenian Amphisbaena fuliginosa 12–17 1⁄2 in (30–45 cm) TEXAS THREADSNAKE Leptotyphlops dulcis grows to a length of 6–10 1⁄2 in (15–27 cm). It is a member of the Leptotyphlopidae, a family of small, burrowing snakes that live in the soil and feed mainly on termites. SOUTH AMERICAN PIPESNAKE Anilius scytale is 28–35 in (70–90 cm) long. The sole member of its family, its markings mimic those of venomous coral snakes that live in the same region.

This group includes all fishes except for hagfishes, lampreys, and cartilaginous fishes. Sarcopterygii Bony fishes with lobed fins. These fishes were the ancestors of all limbed land vertebrates (tetrapods). COELACANTHS LUNGFISHES TETRAPODS Crossopterygii Species 2 Dipnoi Species 6 Tetrapoda Species 38,000 Fish groups The earliest fishes evolved from primitive jawed vertebrates more than 500 million years ago, and from these, two main groups emerged. Cartilaginous fishes remain largely unchanged as modern-day sharks, rays and skates, and chimaeras.

5 cm) Spoonwing lacewing Nemoptera sinuata wingspan 211⁄2 in (55 cm) Deathwatch beetle Xestobium rufovillosum 1 ⁄16 –3⁄ 8 in (2–9 mm) Goliath beetle Goliathus meleagris 31⁄4 in (8 cm) Weevil Cyrtotrachelus sp. 5–2 cm) Leaf beetle Sagra sp. 8–1 cm) 5 36 ANIMALS VERTEBRATES Page 25 Vertebrata All animals with a vertebral column (backbone or spine). Vertebrates include all fishes except hagfishes, plus mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. RAY-FINNED FISHES JAWED VERTEBRATES LAMPREYS Petromyzontida Species 38 Gnathosomata Vertebrates with jaws.

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