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These beans were ground into powder and used to make a chocolate drink prized by the Aztecs. Nobles drank the chocolate with added chili water, flowers, vanilla, bee honey, or other flavorings. One hundred cacao beans could buy a fine cape. Sixty-five cacao beans could buy a manta. Cacao beans were even counterfeited. The counterfeiters formed earth into the shape of a bean and then covered and sealed it with a cacao husk. Cortés brought cacao back to Spain, where it became popular among the nobility.

The tlatoani served in his position for life. The empire itself was an alliance between the three city-states— Tenochtitlán, Texcoco, and Tlacopan—with Tenochtitlán as the dominant arm of the alliance. Each of the three city-states in the alliance was ruled by a tlatoani. In these large city-states, the tlatoani was the head of external affairs of the government. He served as head of the military, oversaw the temples and markets, resolved judicial issues, and ultimately owned all of the land in the city.

It is believed to have been created sometime between 1400 and 1521, during the height of the Aztec Empire. indd 55 10/28/14 1:33 PM THE AZTEC DIET One could find a variety of foods at the market— Alcohol and the Aztecs The Aztecs practiced moderation in many aspects of daily life, so public drunkenness was not acceptable in their society. Octli alcohol was only permitted on certain occasions, and people were not allowed to drink more than four cups at a feast. Drunkenness was punished severely, sometimes with a sentence of death.

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