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By Benjamin Franks

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Anarchism and ethical Philosophy [ Anarchism and ethical Philosophy by way of Franks, Benjamin ( writer ) Hardcover Jan- 2011 ] Hardcover Jan- 15- 2011

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Wer eine replacement zum Kapitalismus will, den hat etwas gestört. Ausgangspunkt der Frage nach der replacement zum Kapitalismus ist eine Kritik am Kapitalismus, das heißt eine richtige oder falsche Erklärung des Kapitalismus. In der Naturwissenschaft wie im praktischen Leben weiß jeder, dass die Erklärung des Gegenstandes die Grundlage für seine Beherrschung ist.

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Inspired by Cohen’s work, Carter thinks that an alternative but similarly analytical theory can be developed along anarchist lines. He also thinks that this theory exposes the main weakness of the Marxist theory. By way of an explanation of the latter theory, and following Cohen’s interpretation, Carter (2000: 237) writes the following: 25 state can exert,’ it can predict ‘accurately the outcome of statist and vanguardist revolutions’ (Carter, 2000: 247, 250). And, as indicated already, this is a basic requirement of a successful anarchist theory.

Marshall may be right about the usual use of terms here, but there is absolutely no reason in principle why a philosophical anarchist should not engage in practical activity (beyond the activity of thought itself). Again, any connection here (and there is such a connection in the history of anarchism, with obvious counterexamples like Proudhon) is wholly contingent. In any case, without wishing to make it sound as though I am simply making a lame selfjustificatory claim on behalf of intellectuals, an additional point needs to be made.

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