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Wer eine substitute zum Kapitalismus will, den hat etwas gestört. Ausgangspunkt der Frage nach der replacement zum Kapitalismus ist eine Kritik am Kapitalismus, das heißt eine richtige oder falsche Erklärung des Kapitalismus. In der Naturwissenschaft wie im praktischen Leben weiß jeder, dass die Erklärung des Gegenstandes die Grundlage für seine Beherrschung ist.

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But its existence at Illinois assumes an unusually striking emblematic value. The game is one of those interactional moments of cultural practice that shape and inform subjectivity, in this instance, a subjectivity bearing the imprint of neocolonial histories and relations of power. On this campus, however, the game unfolds in a discursive space especially well marked and motivated by layers upon layers of structured symbolic violence (see Bourdieu & Passeron, 1977, p. 4), which victimizes the sensibilities and sense of well-being of many Native Americans, including those few who actually attend the university.

Central to these refusals of racial difference are celebratory discourses of achievement and greatness that excise tragedy, conflict, and stratification. We attend to popular and official renderings of sports that absorb, defer, or exclude race. We elaborate our argument in three contexts. To begin, we analyze the NCAA Hall of Champions and the National College Football Hall of Fame, exploring the place of race in official accounts presenting the history of college sports. Against this background, we discuss narratives about integration in the domain of college athletics, detailing the exclusions central to these progressive accounts.

In particular, we argue that the exhibitionary and narrative practices that endow Chief Illiniwek with significance reproduce images and imaginaries of the colonial past in the postcolonial present. These practices freeze Native Americans, reducing them to rigid, flat renderings of their diverse cultures and histories. At the same time, and this is perhaps the most significant aspect of “Playing Indian,” they are primarily moments of writing and rewriting a Euro-American identity in terms of conquest, hierarchy, and domination.

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Am I An Atheist Or An Agnostic by Bertrand Russell

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