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By Victor A. Sadovnichiy, Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky

ISBN-10: 3319406728

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Focused on contemporary advances, this booklet covers theoretical foundations in addition to numerous functions. It provides smooth mathematical modeling techniques to the qualitative and numerical research of recommendations for complicated engineering difficulties in physics, mechanics, biochemistry, geophysics, biology and climatology. Contributions by means of a world workforce of revered authors bridge the distance among summary mathematical ways, equivalent to utilized equipment of contemporary research, algebra, primary and computational mechanics, nonautonomous and stochastic dynamical structures at the one hand, and useful purposes in nonlinear mechanics, optimization, choice making thought and keep watch over thought at the different. As such, the publication may be of curiosity to mathematicians and engineers operating on the interface of those fields.

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105]. ) in L1loc (R+ ), if t+1 lim sup K→+∞ t≥0 |ϕ(s)|I{|ϕ(s)| ≥ K}ds = 0. i. in L1loc (R+ ) if and only if for every sequence of elements {τn }n≥1 ⊂ R+ the sequence {ϕ( · + τn )}n≥1 contains a subsequence which converges weakly in L1loc (R+ ). i. in L1loc (R+ ); Gorban et al. [3]. Throughout this paper, we suppose that the listed below assumptions hold: Assumption 1 Let pi ≥ 2, qi > 1 are such that p1i + q1i = 1, for each for i = 1, 2, . . , N, and the embedding Vi ⊂ H is compact one, for some for i = 1, 2, .

We remark that the sequence {fn }n≥1 converges in C loc (R+ ; H) toward f ∈ C loc (R+ ; H) as n → +∞ iff the sequence {Πt1 ,t2 fn }n≥1 converges in C([t1 , t2 ]; H) toward Πt1 ,t2 f as n → +∞ for any finite interval [t1 , t2 ] ⊂ R+ , where Πt1 ,t2 is the restriction operator to the interval [t1 , t2 ]; Chepyzhov and Vishik [6, p. 918]. We denote T (h)y(·) = yh (·), where yh (t) = y(t + h) for any y ∈ C loc (R+ ; H) and t, h ≥ 0. 1) shifted to τ = 0: K + y( · + τ ) : y ∈ Kτ+ = clC loc (R+ ;H) , τ ≥0 where clC loc (R+ ;H) [ · ] is the closure in C loc (R+ ; H).

S12 S2 S2 ε + 2 + 3 + (A1 R12 + A2 R22 + A3 R32 ), 2A1 2A2 2A3 2 ε 1 K = (S12 + S22 + S32 ) − (A2 A3 R12 + A3 A1 R22 + A1 A2 R32 ). V. T. Fomenko The calculation of Fomenko–Zieschang invariants is an effective method for recognizing the Liouville equivalence of the systems. P. A. Oshemkov [15–17]. V. Bolsinov [10], P. V. T. E. E. Orel, S. Takahashi [20]). As a result, a complete classification of the main integrable cases in rigid body dynamics has been obtained up to Liouville equivalence. P. Morozov proved the Liouville equivalence of the Clebsch case [21] and the Sokolov case [22] for certain values of the integrals.

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