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By Robert Gardner

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How do joints paintings? How do feel receptors paintings? What kind of character do you could have? research the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys experiments during this e-book. younger scientists will discover human physique structures and behaviour. Many experiments contain principles you should use on your technology reasonable. know about the medical procedure, too!

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Place your hand on the upper side of your chest. You can feel pectoralis major contract as you pull your arm downward and move it across your chest. Explain how the origins and insertions of pectoralis major make this movement possible (see Figure 11). The muscle that extends your fingers is the extensor digitorum communis (Figure 12a). It can be felt the on the upper side of your lower arm when you extend your fingers. At the same time, beneath the skin on the back of your hand you can see the movement of the tendons that connect the muscle to the fingers.

FIGURE 16: You can make a model that shows how we breathe. The words in the parentheses show what various pieces of the model represent. Science Fair Project Ideas Build a better model that includes two lungs and both a diaphragm and the ribs that move up and out during inhalation. Find out what happens to the lungs when the chest cavity is opened during open-heart surgery. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FOOD WE EAT? Most of the energy stored in food would be of no value were it not digested. Molecules of protein, fat, starch, and disaccharides are too large to pass through the membranes of the cells that line the walls of the intestines.

Does the bone sink or float? What does this tell you about the density of chicken bone? Do you think the bone of a seagull would be more or less dense than a chicken bone? What makes you think so? 4 beside the jar. Vinegar is an acid. It will slowly dissolve the minerals in bone. These minerals constitute about two thirds of a bone’s weight. Organic matter—bone and cartilage and blood vessel cells—make up the remaining third. After several days, remove the bone from the jar. How does its flexibility compare with that of the dry bones you left beside the jar?

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