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By Michael O'Sullivan

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The snapshot of the collage is tarnished: this booklet examines how fresh philosophies of schooling, new readings of its economics, new applied sciences affecting study and entry, and modern novelists' representations of collage existence all describe a world college that has given up on its promise of better academic equality.

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Is a merit system strongly built on systems of credentialization from elite universities fair when, as Stiglitz points out, the for-profit university industry charges such excessive fees and requires that the less well-off students amass large debts? Piketty also challenges the meritocracy argument because despite the overall rise in the percentage of lower-class and middle-class people gaining qualifications, even at elite institutions, the gap between the richest 1 per cent and the rest is still growing and the return on incomes is far lower than the return on investments and inherited wealth.

People become embodiments of culture, objects of cultural capital. The mode of transmission perpetuates, and is a reflection of, the kind of knowledge that, we will find in reading Michel Henry, is deemed appropriate and that has, he argues, become progressively more barbaric. Benjamin was not alone in seeing barbarism and civilization as unwilling bedfellows. In Adorno and Horkheimer’s introduction to the Dialectic of Enlightenment they seek to “explain why humanity, instead of entering a truly human state, is sinking into a new kind of barbarism” (1988, xiv; Boletsi 2013, 77).

In other words, its original essence refers to an understanding of knowledge that “consists in the doing,” “a doing that carries in itself, and constitutes, its own knowledge” (la barbarie, 2004, 80). This kind of technique that informs subjectivity as the “original savoir-faire” is also, for Henry, praxis. Henry’s two-volume reading of Marx also describes praxis in terms of how it is mediated through subjectivity and what he calls “real life,” the experience we have of “our body” (la barbarie, 2004, 80).

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Academic Barbarism, Universities and Inequality by Michael O'Sullivan

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