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By Jean-Luc Nancy

ISBN-10: 2930128178

ISBN-13: 9782930128177

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Mi sento inquieta, non riesco a stare ferma, quindi vado nello studio. A fare cosa ancora non so. Fisso lo scaffale, sposto i libri, come se cercassi qualcosa, e sto quasi cominciando a innervosirmi, quando intravedo una scatola di legno scuro. È un tuffo al cuore. In un attimo, mi scorrono davanti agli occhi lettere, telegrammi, biglietti, fotografie.

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It’s only a matter of getting everyone from the agent’s assistant to the studio president to agree that your project is ready to go in front of the camera. The problem is that there are a million little problems. While it’s true that “development hell” is not part of official movie industry terminology, it is a common enough experience to get its own nickname. It would be naive to think that everything related to the production process runs smoothly. It doesn’t. Once a studio or production company agrees to produce your film, they immediately begin expressing their opinions.

You must stay true to the original intent of your film, but also be open to making alterations to fit the necessities of production. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium. Usually requiring from ten to 500 people to complete a project, it may be the most collaborative of any art form. 47 T h e e v e ry t h i n g f i l m m a k i n g b o o k If you’re working for someone else and you ignore their advice, you may simply be fired and a new person put in your place. ” The most gifted filmmakers know that surrounding themselves with talented people will make them look even more brilliant.

The airy, breezy, glamorous Holly Golightly? Or a fun-loving spastic bunny named Roger Rabbit? 34 c h a p t e r 3 : t h e w r i t e s tu f f In the history of filmmaking there have been dozens of unforgettable characters who have fallen in love, beaten the odds, won wars, chased dreams, and hit balls out of the park. Why are they memorable? Because they were written that way. It doesn’t matter whether they were intentionally meant to be quirky or heartwarming, or whether circumstances surrounding them made them more memorable—all of these characters were born in a script.

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