G. BIRTWISTLE's A System for Discrete Event Modelling on Simula PDF


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ISBN-13: 9781001001005

ISBN-10: 1349038407

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ISBN-10: 1349038423

ISBN-13: 9781349038428

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Notice that black marias and police cars may be towed in by pick-ups when broken down since their respective class declarations both contain the prefix VEHICLE (directly in the case of CLASS BLACK MARIA, and implicitly in the case of CLASS POLICE CAR since-its explicit prefix CAR is itself prefixed by VEHICLE). Trafficants unconcerned by police activities will continue to use TRAFFIC as prefix to their programs. EXERCISES 2 (continued) 7. Which items would you like already defined in a context for a harbour simulation?

0. 0. 0) B2 seizes a jetty, but is then blocked as 2 tugs are not currently available. B2 is thus removed from the event list and waits passively for that resource. 0 ! 0. RELEASE(2). This awakens B2 who can now proceed. B2 returns to the event list at once, but behind B1. 0 ! 0). 0 ! 0)! 0. seizes 2 tugs and starts docking. 0! 0)! 0). 0. 0! 0)! 0 with B3 as the new CURRENT. Poor old B3 is immediately blocked as no jetties are free. 0. 0! B3 B1 as CURRENT seizes tug and starts leaving. 0, but behind B2.

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