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It would be true to say that much of our treatment in these sort of cases is low tone and mechanical because we cannot believe that there is a proper consciousness present which is valuing our behaviour towards it.

As far as reality is concerned, a Saviour is a highly-developed individual who is capable of showing and infecting us with high-tone attitudes. If we absorb these attitudes, they do in fact save us from what would otherwise be an endless, painful and useless situation. Such rescue operations would not be necessary if a large number of people had not at some time consistently chosen wrong attitudes, so that the force of their way of life became strong enough to amount to a psychological infection and disease which later spread to the whole world.

Instead of the teaching of original sin, it might be well to substitute the teaching of original fallibility. The difference between fallibility and sin is that the first is expected to be indicated by suffering imposed by our surroundings, but the second is expected to be indicated by suffering imposed by God. Obviously the two are liable to be confused and if the second is chosen, the person concerned is in a most difficult and hopeless position, for he is confronted with a Divine example on a cosmic scale of his own immature understanding and development.

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